Convening at NYU Law School
December 1, 2022

The inaugural Dismantling Racial Capitalism convening at NYU, hosted by Urban Democracy Lab, Center for Race, Inequality and the Law, the Action Lab, and the Initiative for Community Power at NYU Law, aspired to create space to develop and sharpen our understanding of racial capitalism, how it functions, its horrific consequences, and, most importantly, how we can challenge and dismantle it. Academics, organizers, policy-makers, students and change-makers came together for a deeply-rooted examination of how racial capitalism drives inequality, exploitation, and destruction, and how we can catalyze change. Details here.

Opening plenary with DaMareo Cooper (Center for Popular Democracy), Christina Heatherton (Trinity Social Justice Initiative), and Lester Spence (Johns Hopkins), moderated by Joo-Hyun Kang (The Action Lab).
Closing plenary with Jordan Camp (Trinity Social Justice Initiative), Ntanya Lee (LeftRoots), and Nara Roberta Silva (Brooklyn Institute for Research), moderated by John Whitlow (Initiative for Community Power).